Here comes Show me my Customers!

Publication Journey:
Hello and welcome to the website for Show me my Customers: A toolkit for marketing plans that generate money!

As our author researches and writes Show me my Customers, she’s going to share this very exciting project with you and take you along our publication journey. Starting today and for the next months we’ll be doing a live pre-release marketing case study. We’re going to do this by producing a marketing example that is carried out in real time. Then after the book publishes, we’ll carry on with the live marketing example for an additional 12 months. So you can get up to speed with terms the pros use, we’ll explain elements just like your marketing department or marketing agency would.

Live Case Study:
You’re probably wondering why we’d turn our own journey into a live case for the world to witness? It’s because we believe marketing is the most important thing you can do to attract customers, get them to buy and make sure they come back to you for more. We’ve seen too many start-ups struggle or fail because they weren’t clear who their customers were or which marketing channels were the best to reach them. Without effective marketing it is very difficult to get, keep and grow customers for increased sales – and sales lead to revenue – and of course revenue leads to profits. Everybody knows that businesses need to post profits if they want to be around for a long time.

We want your business to not only survive but thrive – and be profitable – and that’s why we’re tackling this common marketing misstep among start-up teams. By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Show me my Customers: A toolkit for marketing plans that generate money is a must have resource for anyone considering starting-up or growing a business. Using simple language Show me my Customers helps entrepreneurs understand the importance of the management process called ‘marketing’ plus quickly aids in the discovery of customers and the best channels to engage with them.

Toolkit with Marketing Roadmap:
The centrepiece of the book’s toolkit is an essential ‘marketing roadmap’ that breaks down the activity and helps entrepreneurs to define their customers as well as develop effective marketing plans that generate money. The rest of the toolkit builds upon the information discovered through the marketing roadmap to further support entrepreneurs and their teams with the implementation of new plans.

About  the Creator:
The author for Show me my Customers: A toolkit for marketing plans that generate money is a senior marketing executive who has had to correct marketing confusion at start-ups. She earned her MBA from the University of Cambridge where she has taught sessions on strategic marketing for courses offered by the business school’s Entrepreneurship Centre. And finally, as a former Bloomberg News journalist, she is uniquely positioned to show how to get and keep customers while explaining to readers why it is never too early or too late for them to use this toolkit immediately.

Thank you for Joining our Journey:
We love this project and would like to thank you for joining the journey we’ve designed to help benefit your business. By making the marketing process clear for anyone who doesn’t already hold a specialised degree in marketing, it is our sincere aim that this will help you attract, get and keep customers. After all, most people who launch and run a business aren’t coming from a marketing background, you’re a genius in another area, and so we’d like to support you by helping you learn more about how to bring your genius to the world.

In our next blog we’ll take a closer look at the marketing function and find out just what exactly it’s all about.