One Month Anniversary!

Today is the 10th of May 2017 and exactly one month ago Show me my Customers: A toolkit for marketing plans that generate money was announced and our live case-study began.

Promotional Developments:

Let’s have a look at some of what we’ve been up to over the last four weeks. Here’s a quick peak at activities that fall under the ‘promotional’ element of marketing:
* launched a Twitter page for Show me my Customers and made some tweets,
* launched a Facebook page for Show me my Customers and shared some updates,
* launched a fully reactive (CSS) website for the book at,
* wrote and published seven blog posts – this is lucky #7! – and all our blogs can be received by e-mail if readers sign-up for delivery on the Show me my Customers website via the right side menu here.

Progress across the Ps:

Promotional activities are the elements that the public gets to see, and everything we’ve listed above is online, but we’ve been up to a lot more that isn’t so visible, however, it is equally as important. Here’s a quick rundown of some highlights from across the 7Ps of marketing:


Product: We continue developing the book Show me my Customers: A toolkit for marketing plans that generate money.

Place: Our author for Show me my Customers has applied to join a members club in London because it will be the place where we’ll hold the book’s launch event later this year.

Price: We’ve worked with our distributors to investigate setting an affordable price for sales in U.S. dollars, Euros and UK pounds.

People: We’ve hired an experienced accounting team to keep the ‘back-end’ running, we’re interviewing for an ace copy editor, plus we’ve begun drafting the internship advert for our paid superstar summer helpers.

As you can see we’re not wasting any time! Our next four weeks promise to be exceptionally busy with more Participants set to join the project. We look forward to sharing this news with you as soon as we can. In the meantime we’ll have even more marketing updates to help you find and keep customers across our social channels and on our website.