Growth = You’ve Got Staff

Once you’ve got your company running, it will be time to consider hiring employees. This is a big step that brings with it certain legal and financial responsibilities.  It also means you’re ready to execute your organisation’s culture.

Knowing your values, mission and vision before your hire will help you attract and keep like minded talented people who will help you achieve your goals. Indeed your values, mission and vision are the foundation of your organisation’s culture. If your professional experience doesn’t include human resources management, sometimes it is necessary to consult experts to assist you in designing your culture and other times, it might be absolute necessary to have help getting your culture back on track after years of evolving as the business grows.

iOpenerThis is where organisations like iOpener Institute for People and Performance help make a difference with their clients.  A quick reminder: iOpener are a specialised consultancy that excels in leadership development and executive coaching. They work with some of the world’s leading business schools, consultancies, multi-nationals, NGOs, and not-for-profit organisations. iOpener’s work mainly covers three areas:
* leadership development,
* organisational culture,
* happiness at work.

All of these areas are interlinked in many ways.  iOpener’s work is very multi-faceted, and can affect many different parts of an organisation. Let’s take a closer look at how iOpener develops happiness at work and how they implement changes in organisational culture.

Happiness at Work

iopenerPoss2During a period of low morale, high pressure and strained relationships, a client was looking to develop happier and more motivated employees. They wanted to carry out a change in the organisation, but this included big tasks like ambitious expansion plans and a digitisation programme which would only add to the pressure on employees. iOpener  reassessed the cultural status quo  in order to produce a positive shift in people’s behaviours and relationships to ensure the team would be ready for the change agenda.

iOpener used their flagship questionnaire, the IPPQ, once a year with results shared at an individual level and coaching given to the Senior Management.

Workshops were designed to make a positive shift happen across the Performance-Happiness metrics. Clear action plans were co-created with all employees. A review of its performance management process and capability framework took place.

As a result of this programme over four years, employees:
* stated they intend to stay nearly 40% longer,
* say expectations of their job fit their role 11.2% more,
* have 11.3% more feelings of pride at work.

Organisational Culture:

mechanicsdraftA client that worried it focused too much on operational excellence and not enough on its people. Senior management could see friction between the annual performance management process and the leadership skills required to instil a continuously open and honest style of dialog.

The company was eager to become more people-focused believing it would better support the company’s growth. They aimed to shift the feedback culture to ensure it became one of their communication strengths.

iOpener was engaged for its practical approach and bespoke leadership workshops. They carried out a Learning Needs Analysis involving a dozen employees from across four geographic regions. The results confirmed that feedback could be improved. The data showed most managers struggled with the confidence level needed to have feedback conversations.

supporterspossdraftNext, the client and iOpener co-created a workshop for delivery at the client’s senior leadership team’s conference.  iOpener presented the iDID Model, a simple feedback framework, responding the client’s requirement that solutions needed to withstand intercultural understanding.

A half-day highly interactive workshop was also designed which included a customised Forum Theatre scenario scripted from research conducted by iOpener. It was important to both the client and iOpener that the learnings from this workshop be immediately implementable and sustainable. The iDID model gave them a simple guiding tool for feedback conversations that was sustainable, and the management committed to making feedback a regular conversation.

The client was pleased that iOpener succeed in introducing feedback skills and that the topdown approach is providing the correct way to ripple the ethos throughout the company.

If you’d like to learn even more about how iOpener help companies with people and performance visit their website and enjoy more of their case studies here. You can also sign-up for their blog and get tips and insight delivered to your inbox here.