Digital Marketing

Shaping digital strategy is complex. Unfortunately many business leaders confuse digital strategy (how digital can help achieve goals) with tactics (which digital tools should we use?). That’s like choosing a bicycle color before knowing you need a bike in the first place. As a HubSpot Certified Sales partner, guiding you through this maze is our specialty.

First you must “zoom out” and shape the strategic digital customer agenda. This means answering one big question: How can digital help increase value by meeting both customer needs and company needs? Only then should you zoom back in on the specific combination of tactical tools to deliver the strategy. We’ll guide you through zooming between strategy and tactics, without confusing them, to get measurable results leveraging integrated sales and marketing plans across platforms for inbound and outbound campaigns.

Promotional Points:

  • Selling is about meeting customer’s needs with a suitable product from your range.
  • Goals and measurement methods need to be set so that success data can be analyized.
  • SEO needs to always be considered when producing content for online channels.
  • A/B testing is a marvelous method for figuring out your best online promotional strategies.
  • Leveraging Paid/Performance Marketing can drive leads and grow your business.
  • People will not read long or poorly written advertisements meanwhile video is increasingly popular and effective.


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