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Show me my Customers:
Over 50% of startups fail within five years and the failure rate surpasses 70% at the 10 year mark according to Statistic Brain analysis. Leadership teams at startups that didn’t make it were asked by Statistic Brain about where it went wrong and a lack of marketing knowledge was give as a top reason for failure. Here’s the problem with not understanding what marketing can do for your business: marketing is the most important thing you can do to attract customers, get them to buy and make sure they come back to you for more. We’ve seen too many businesses struggle or fail because they weren’t clear who their customers were or which marketing channels were the best to reach them. Show me my Customers: A toolkit for growth plans that generate money is a live interactive case study and print book that addresses marketing confusion with an easy to understand guidebook and toolkit for readers to use immediately.

About the Creator & Managing Editor:
The Creator and Managing Editor for Show me my Customers: A toolkit for growth plans that generate money is a senior marketing executive who has had to correct marketing confusion at start-ups. She earned her MBA from the University of Cambridge where she also teaches marketing sessions for entrepreneurship courses. Additionally, she’s held senior marketing roles at technology companies including overseeing international strategic marketing for Hong Kong Telecom.

She is based in Cambridge in the heart of Silicon Fen – one of Europe’s largest high technology clusters – home to tech start-ups for centuries. In fact nearly 500 years because the University’s press, founded by King Henry VIII of England in 1534, is widely considered the first technology business in the city.

Prior to her MBA studies at Cambridge, she had an award winning starter career in journalism and is a former Bloomberg News journalist. She’s also written for Cambridge Enterprise (the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge) and London Business School. And finally, she comes from a long-line of entrepreneurs and is uniquely positioned to show how to get and keep customers while explaining to readers why it is never too early or too late for them to use this toolkit immediately.