Public Relations

Press coverage is for achieving goals not getting famous. Journalists constantly get calls from businesses asking for press coverage. Tricia Levasseur knows, because she used to be one. This approach is completely wrong and won’t get you the results you’re after. If you want to get your story into the news you have to consider what the journalist’s goals are and align yourself. This is where Tricia can help you identify a newsworthly story peg, create relevant media lists and pitch journalists stories that gets published.

In addition to her MBA from the University of Cambridge, Tricia also holds a two year university masters degree in journalism, public relations and advertising. Her career in journalism began in high school at the age of 14. She is experienced across all media channels – print, radio, TV, online, social and mobile.

Public Relations activities Tricia can help you with include:

  • Media Relations: Campaign Strategy, Press Releases, Press Kits, Press Lists, Pitching
  • Events: Trade Shows, Sponsorships, Customized Events, Demos, Workshops
  • Employee Relations: Internal Communications
  • Partnerships
  • Investor Relations
  • Industry Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Training

Important Tips about Public Relations (PR):

  • Press will only help you publicize your good points, it can’t compensate for a bad product or service and it won’t give you what you have not got.
  • Journalists are interested only in newsworthy items, not in thinly disguised advertisements.
  • Events are great warm lead generators that help sales teams close deals.
  • Invest in proper training for anyone who will have to engage with the media, especially TV.
  • PR works best when used as a part of a strategy integrating activities.

Tricia’s Award Highlights:



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